A simple exercise to relieve symptoms of covid-19

Covid-19 nowadays a threat to mankind. Everyone is concern about its effects. Although many say that it is not that serious but you may suffer a lot from its effects.

To relieve your symptoms like dyspnea or breathing difficulty, cough etc you may consider deep breathing exercise also Active Cycle Breathing Technique (ACBT). Postural drainage can also be included in the treatment plan to remove collection accumulated in the lung. If these secretions are cleared then there will be low chance of developing pneumonia! So don’t get panicked try to maintain a daily hygienic plan and improve your immune system by a sound sleep, fruits, vegetables and also by vitamin C supplements.

For practising breasthing exercise, you have to take a deep breath through your nose while keeping your hands on your belly and also slightly press the belly during inhalation. Then hold the breath in your chest for 5-10 seconds. Then exhale it through pursed lip slowly. This will inflate the airways in your lung and your lung function will get improved! You may also practice huffing followed by coughing to clear secretions.

Postural drainage includes clapping on your chest prior to huffing and coughing which is also a measure to remove the collection you got in your respiratory system. So all these techniques fall into Chest Physiotherapy.

You can apply above mentioned techniques daily for improving your respiratory function and maintaining it at its optimal level.

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